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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Posted by: host 2/27/2008

After nearly 5 weeks in Sinai, and on 4 different services, Dad was finally discharged from the Hospital today.  That's the good news.  Unfortunately, he is not quite ready to be sent home.  He will spend the next few weeks continuing his rehab at Levindale.  For those who wish to visit, he is in Burk Two, Room 262.

It is hard to say how long he will be in Levindale; it all depends on his progress.  Physically, he is doing very well and not it really is just a matter of regaining strength.  The main focus of his therapy will be his cognitive skills.  Recovery here has not been as quick.  However, he has made great strides in the past several days.  We have begun to see glimpses of the old Royal.  Especially today, as his sarcastic and playful nature began to return as he gave his new nurses a small taste of what may be in store.  It was great to see signs of his personality returning.

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