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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Thursday, 2/7 2:00PM Minimize
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Posted by: host 2/7/2008

Good news....

Dad made it through surgery.  It took a little longer than expected but the surgeons are pleased.  They were able to remove most of the tumor, save one small section that was attached to blood vessels.  Dad is alert and responsive and early signs are good.  Initial biopsy shows the tumor to be benign, as expected.

He will be moved to ICU for monitoring overnight and a CT Scan tomorrow.  Hopefully then he will be moved to a regular room for several days before going home.

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Re: Thursday, 2/7 2:00PM    By Samantha Scolamiero on 2/11/2008
I hope Royal will be home as soon as comfortable!

with healing wishes,


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