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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Posted by: host 1/29/2008

Wednesday nite (Thursday morning really) at 1 AM or so, Mom awoke to find Dad having a seizure.  She promptly called 911 and Dad was taken to Sinai Hospital ER.  Doctor's in the ER discovered a mass in Dad's skull.  Further studies determined that the mass is most likely a meningioma, a tumor in the lining of the brain.  He was admitted to the Intermediate Care Unit and treatment to reduce swelling caused by the tumor began.

Standard treatments for the swelling, administration of prednisone, has significant side effects in older patients.  This, plus medication to control seizures, had Dad in an incoherent and volatile state for a couple of days.  By Saturday, he began to show improvements and was moved to a room in the NeuroScience Center of Sinai.  By Sunday, we were certain that surgery was the best course of action and Drs began taking steps to plan for surgery to remove the tumor.  Unfortunately, on Monday afternoon, Dad began experiencing heart arrythmia's and tachycardia.  Monday night, he was moved to the intensive care unit as blood work showed evidence of him having a heart attack. 

As I write this, we are sitting outside of the Cardiac Cath lab while Dad undergoes a catheritization to determine the extent of cardiac blockage.  If the extent of his blockage is consistent with prior studies, the Doctors will move forward with plans for brain surgery.  If serious issues are discovered, they will be treated first and brain surgery delayed until he is physically able to withstand such surgery.

As you may well imagine, this has been a very stressfull time for all of us. 

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