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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Author: host Created: 1/29/2008
Updates on Dad's health

Wednesday Afternoon, 1/30
By host on 1/30/2008

Dad is having a good day.  He seems much more aware of what is going on and his energy level is back up.  He has moved out the ICU and is back on the Neurology floor.  For those who are interested, he is in room 3005 at Sinai Hospital.

The word from the neurologist and neurosurgeon is that they are hoping to schedule surgery for next week.  But first, they need to improve his platelets level.  They think that his low platelet count may be due to the anti-seizure medication he is on.  So, they are changing that medication and they need for the aspirin and heparin he was given to filter out of his body.

Its good to see Dad in better spirits.  And having the heart issues behind us is quite a relief.

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Tuesday Evening, 1/29
By host on 1/29/2008
This evening Dad had a catheterization beformed to check his cardiac arteries.  This is not the first time he has had this done but was still a source of concern.  Any problems discovered here would delay surgery on the tumor.  And at last, some good news.  The films showed no significant changes from prior tests and the heart looked fine, or at least as fine as his heart can look.  So, at this time there is no need for any major cardiac procedures and we are back on track to moving towards tumor removal.
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Royal is hospitalized
By host on 1/29/2008

Wednesday nite (Thursday morning really) at 1 AM or so, Mom awoke to find Dad having a seizure.  She promptly called 911 and Dad was taken to Sinai Hospital ER.  Doctor's in the ER discovered a mass in Dad's skull.  Further studies determined that the mass is most likely a meningioma, a tumor in the lining of the brain.  He was admitted to the Intermediate Care Unit and treatment to reduce swelling caused by the tumor began.

Standard treatments for the swelling, administration of prednisone, has significant side effects in older patients.  This, plus medication to control seizures, had Dad in an incoherent and volatile state for a couple of days.  By Saturday, he began to ...

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