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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Posted by: Gordon 7/23/2007

I've been thinking about my family tree alot for the past several weeks.  The family tree used to be "on the web", but it was running from one of my workstations and its availability was not always guaranteed.  Consequently, I removed it from this website.

However, a visit to my cousing Julie in Dallas got me thinking again about the research that Arky did on the family tree.  And although I still had the genealogy files that he originally sent me, much has changed.  Births, deaths, marriages in the past 8 years have gone unrecorded (save the births of Jacob and Aaron).  Finally, the death of my Aunt Rose Katz, the last of her generation, prompted me to get the family tree back on the web.

So, for those who register, the Family Tree is once again available.  And I hope that family members will register, explore the family tree, and notify me of any inaccuracies, additions or deletions that need to be made.  By doing this, we can secure the history of our family for future generations.  Additionally, it is another way that I can preserve Arky's memory, by continuing the work that he started.



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