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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Author: Gordon Created: 1/3/2007
Stories, anecdotes and musings

Home at last
By Gordon on 5/11/2005
Aaron came home today.
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The saddest sight
By Gordon on 5/9/2005

Aaron has been sick for a few days.  I took him to the doctor today and they had me take him to the emergency room to have him checked out for pneumonia.  The hospital decided to keep him overnight as his blood oxygen levels were low.  I called Bonnie, who was leaving work early to take Jacob to the dentist to have his first baby teeth pulled and told her to meet me at the hospital. 

While we were waiting,  my poor baby was just lying there on the hospital bed moaning over and over "I want Mommy, I want Mommy".  Never before have I wanted to do more for a person but couldn't do a thing to help him.  I don't know what was sadder: the sight of that little boy lying on the hospital bed, or the feelings of inadequacy that I was feeling at that moment.

Fortunately Bonnie arrived and I rushed out to pick up Jacob and take him to the dentist.  At least there I could do some good.  When there is blo ...

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See, I told you.
By Gordon on 4/20/2005
We got a call this evening from Aaron's preschool teacher.  Seems Aaron wasn't very interested in having a snack today.  Instead of sitting at the table during snack time, he stood over near the Lego table.  He wasn't playing with the Lego's.  He was just standing there, quiet and still.  After a few minutes,  Ms. Tracy, one of the teacher's assistants, ask Aaron if he was going potty.  Aaron said no and continued to stand there.  A few minutes later, Ms. Tracy asked him again if he was going potty.  Aaron then pulled down his pants, pulled down his pull-up and said, "See I told you I wasn't going potty."
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Where did my baby go?
By Gordon on 4/17/2005

We were at dinner Saturday night and I looked across the table at Aaron and was shocked at what I saw.  There was a little boy sitting there.  Not a baby, not a toddler, but a little boy.  He may be only a 3-year-old boy, but a little boy all the same.  What happened to my baby?  Seems to me it was just last week when I was holding him in my arms, looking at him all wrapped up and swaddled in a blanket.  And it was just the other day when I was watching him begin to crawl across the floor.  But suddenly, he turned into a little boy, running through the house laughing and playing.  It's great having two little boys to play with but I kinda miss having a baby around.  I just hope that Aaron and Jacob stay little boys longer than they stayed babies.  I'm not ready to have two young men living in our house.

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It's Not About Me
By Gordon on 4/5/2005

I was talking to my brother Bob this evening and he made me realize that this site is called, not  I suppose there should be mention of the rest of the Pollokoff's somewhere in this site. So, who are the rest of the Pollokoff's?

Mom and Dad are Royal and Phyllis.  They live in Baltimore and are enjoying their retirement.  Although for a couple of retired folk, they manage to keep themselves quite busy.  Dad still works (if you can call it that) as a Liquor Inspector for the City of Baltimore.  He puts in a full day (from 10 to 11 am I think).  They are getting ready to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this May.  To celebrate, they are taking the family on a cruise to Bermuda.  We will also be celebrating Mom's 29th birthday for the 47th time.

My brother Bob and his wife Amy live in Owings Mills with their daughters Heidi and Alexa, although Heidi spends most of her time at the University of Pennsylvania ...

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