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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Author: Gordon Created: 1/3/2007
Stories, anecdotes and musings

Hard At Work
By Gordon on 3/13/2005

We bought Jacob a desk this weekend.  Nothing fancy, just a little basic desk from IKEA.  He was very excited to have it put together, so he and I worked on it this afternoon while Bonnie and Aaron napped.  It was the standard IKEA project, so after deciphering the illustrated directions, we finally got it built.  Jacob helped, hammering a couple of nails all by himself, using the screwdriver on a couple of screws, and finally, using my drill on one last screw. 

Just as we finished, Aaron woke up and came in the room.  Jacob asked, "Aaron, do you like my new desk?" 

"I love it, Jacob.  I love your new desk."  The two of them can be quite adorable together.  Unfortunately, they can also be quite annoying together, both to us and to each other.  Jacob has learned the pleasures of teasing his little brother and Aaron has learned how to be an annoying little brother.  Sometimes, I just want to laugh when I see Aaron pestering Jacob, ...

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The Beer Ain't So Cold Today
By Gordon on 3/7/2005

Winter is not quite over and yet my thoughts have been on spring for a week or two already as I have already spotted the first bird of spring.  Of course, I refer to the Oriole and not the Robin.  Springtime and baseball evoke powerful memories for me.  Memories of great Oriole teams, pennant races in October, sneaking a radio into Yom Kippur services just to listen to post-season play. (Baseball in November still seems unnatural to me).  One of my favorite baseball related memories is Dad and me sitting in front of my house listening to Oriole games on Dad's transistor radio.  As the old jingle went "It's a father and son having fun together...".  And nothing made that memory more immediate than hearing the sound of Hall of Famer Chuck Thompson's voice.  Chuck Thompson calling Oriole games is as much a part of my early Oriole memories as Brooks diving to his right to snag a liner or Earl turning his cap around to go jaw to jaw with the umpire.  Chuck Thompson passed ...

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A new look
By Gordon on 3/4/2005
Trying out new software to develop the website.  I hope you like the new look.
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The end of 2004
By Gordon on 12/31/2004

As we prepare to welcome a new year, many people reflect back on the year that was. For us, 2004 was not a great year. Certainly there were many good times during the year but they were overshadowed by the periods of unemployment that Bonnie and I both endured. So instead of looking back, we are looking forward to a much better 2005. And as we get ready to welcome the new year, we wish all our friends and family a happy, healthy and prosperous 2005.


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Run? Why not drive.
By Gordon on 11/9/2004

This evening, on the way to some friends for dinner, Jacob asked if we could visit Miss Margaret, his old day care provider. I told him that if I got off work early one day, I would pick him up from school and we could run over to her house. "Run to her house, daddy? Why won't we drive there?"

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