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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Author: Gordon Created: 1/3/2007
Stories, anecdotes and musings

The end of 2004
By Gordon on 12/31/2004

As we prepare to welcome a new year, many people reflect back on the year that was. For us, 2004 was not a great year. Certainly there were many good times during the year but they were overshadowed by the periods of unemployment that Bonnie and I both endured. So instead of looking back, we are looking forward to a much better 2005. And as we get ready to welcome the new year, we wish all our friends and family a happy, healthy and prosperous 2005.


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Run? Why not drive.
By Gordon on 11/9/2004

This evening, on the way to some friends for dinner, Jacob asked if we could visit Miss Margaret, his old day care provider. I told him that if I got off work early one day, I would pick him up from school and we could run over to her house. "Run to her house, daddy? Why won't we drive there?"

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Oops, I blinked...
By Gordon on 11/8/2004

...and another couple of months blew by. Getting back into the swing of work has been a bit of an adjustment. Unlike my previous job, where office hours were very flexible and working from home was accepted, I find myself working longer hours and getting home later. And by the time I spend some time with the boys, I am spent. But, the job is good and the family are all well.

The boys, as usual, are a constant source of pleasure (ok, maybe not constant, but you know what I mean). Aaron is at the age where one minute we want to send him back (truly a terrible two) and the next minute he does something so incredibly cute or funny that you can't help but smile. He is starting to talk up a storm, forming sentences and saying the cutest things. And he already has a stubborn streak a mile long. For the life of me, I cannot figure out where he gets that from ;) .

Jacob is growing bigger by the second and starting to learn a lot. Already well versed in the alphabet, we are starting to see signs ...

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Jacob and Aaron: #1
By Gordon on 8/30/2004

One of the reasons for creating this blog was to relate stories about the boys. I realized I've yet to really do that, so that is why this is #1.

Aaron started pre-school today at Bet Yeladim. He acted like it was just another day. No difficulty adjusting to the new environment. Probably because he visited enough times when picking up Jacob. The only issue today: he would not paint. I guess he won't be an artist.

Jacob also returned to Bet Yeladim today, although Kindergarten doesn't really start until Wednesday. Last year, we had a problem with Jacob following some of the boys who tended to misbehave. We tried to discourage him, but we were never really sure he understood what we were telling him. This evening I was praising Jacob for letting Aaron follow him around the playground at school today. Jacob then said "Remember how I used to follow Joshua around. Well today he was making holes in the mats and I didn't. I made my own decision." He really is grow ...

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A new job
By Gordon on 8/24/2004

The first couple days of a new job are always the toughest. Especially when joining a team mid-project. New people, new environment, new subject matter...a lot to absorb in a short amount of time.

I think I will like this position; I'm just looking forward to getting up to speed and being able to contribute. It will be a refreshing change to be just a team member, rather than the team lead, or the entire team, as I often was during the past 5 years.

I did get a great send off yesterday for my first day. As I drove down the driveway, Jacob and Aaron (and Guinness) ran after my car yelling "Good bye Daddy, I love you Daddy". (Okay, maybe it was only Jacob yelling that, but you get the idea.) Sure wish I could have turned around and stayed home with them. I will have to content myself with their picture on my computer during the day.

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