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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Author: Gordon Created: 1/3/2007
Stories, anecdotes and musings

Jacob and Aaron: #1
By Gordon on 8/30/2004

One of the reasons for creating this blog was to relate stories about the boys. I realized I've yet to really do that, so that is why this is #1.

Aaron started pre-school today at Bet Yeladim. He acted like it was just another day. No difficulty adjusting to the new environment. Probably because he visited enough times when picking up Jacob. The only issue today: he would not paint. I guess he won't be an artist.

Jacob also returned to Bet Yeladim today, although Kindergarten doesn't really start until Wednesday. Last year, we had a problem with Jacob following some of the boys who tended to misbehave. We tried to discourage him, but we were never really sure he understood what we were telling him. This evening I was praising Jacob for letting Aaron follow him around the playground at school today. Jacob then said "Remember how I used to follow Joshua around. Well today he was making holes in the mats and I didn't. I made my own decision." He really is grow ...

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A new job
By Gordon on 8/24/2004

The first couple days of a new job are always the toughest. Especially when joining a team mid-project. New people, new environment, new subject matter...a lot to absorb in a short amount of time.

I think I will like this position; I'm just looking forward to getting up to speed and being able to contribute. It will be a refreshing change to be just a team member, rather than the team lead, or the entire team, as I often was during the past 5 years.

I did get a great send off yesterday for my first day. As I drove down the driveway, Jacob and Aaron (and Guinness) ran after my car yelling "Good bye Daddy, I love you Daddy". (Okay, maybe it was only Jacob yelling that, but you get the idea.) Sure wish I could have turned around and stayed home with them. I will have to content myself with their picture on my computer during the day.

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Cape Cod 2004
By Gordon on 8/21/2004

We're back from our annual trip to Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod (and pictures are posted). This year's trip was not the best, as the weather was less than cooperative. With only 2 or three days suitable for swimming, we didn't get much chance to spend time in the water and digging in the sand with the boys. And unfortunately, the Outer Cape does not offer much in the way of indoor activities for young boys. Also, Bonnie was had an ear infection and threw out her back. Nonetheless, it was a relaxing week, especially since I did not have to worry about finding a job. And it is always good to spend time with family. In addition to Bonnie's dad and step-mother, her step-brother Chris and his wife Heidi were there as well, so the house was full.

The boys did get some time to swim and dig in the sand, and we did do a little gallery hopping, although money was tight this year so we did not buy any art. That and reading and sleeping were the major activities. I guess that's what a vacation is for. Come ...

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Finally, a vacation
By Gordon on 8/13/2004

Tomorrow we leave for Cape Cod for a week. And thankfully, I will actually get to relax. This morning a received a job offer and I will begin work Monday after our trip. The news came not a day too late. I was not looking forward to spending a week on the Cape with no job to look forward to. Now all that has changed. I will be working as a software consultant at Educate, Inc. (formerly Sylvan Learning). I am excite, but most of all, I am relieved. A great weight has been lifted and hopefully my stress levels will come down. Thanks to all of you who were keeping their eyes open for opportunities for me, or were just keeping me in their thoughts.


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High and low, up and down
By Gordon on 8/7/2004

The past couple of weeks have been rather difficult as regards the job search. It seems that I would have a good interview, feeling like I won the job, and either get good feedback from the recruiter and/or get asked in for a second interview, only to end up with nothing. No offer and in some cases, no explanation. Each time my spirits would get lifted up, only to come crashing down, lower and lower each time. So, I've decided to not get my hopes up anymore.

I did have two very positive interviews this past week and will know the actual results come Monday or Tuesday. But until then, I am not getting to over excited about either. The fingers are still crossed, but this time around I am continuing to search. In fact, I have two more interviews already scheduled for next week. With any luck at all, perhaps I will have a job before leaving for a week in Cape Cod next Saturday.

Unfortunately, one of my lows came at the beginning of the week and put a damper on celebrating my 41st birthday. ...

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