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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Author: host Created: 1/29/2008
Updates on Dad's health

Wednesday, 2/27
By host on 2/27/2008

After nearly 5 weeks in Sinai, and on 4 different services, Dad was finally discharged from the Hospital today.  That's the good news.  Unfortunately, he is not quite ready to be sent home.  He will spend the next few weeks continuing his rehab at Levindale.  For those who wish to visit, he is in Burk Two, Room 262.

It is hard to say how long he will be in Levindale; it all depends on his progress.  Physically, he is doing very well and not it really is just a matter of regaining strength.  The main focus of his therapy will be his cognitive skills.  Recovery here has not been as quick.  However, he has made great strides in the past several days.  We have begun to see glimpses of the old Royal.  Especially today, as his sarcastic and playful nature began to return as he gave his new nurses a small taste of what may be in store.& ...

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Monday, 2/18
By host on 2/18/2008

Dad has been in rehab now for week.  In some areas, he as shown great improvement.  For instance, a week ago he couldn't even get out of bed.  Today I watched as he walked unaided the entire length of the hallway.  Physically his strength is returning and he is showing great progress. 

Unfortunately, he does not seem to be making the same progress with his cognitive abilities.  He is still somewhat unresponsive and most of his responses are with head shakes or pointing.  When he does speak, it is only a few words at a time.  It is still too early to tell whether or not he will regain his pre-surgery cognitive skills.  We are all keeping our fingers crossed and are praying that the next couple weeks will start showing improvements in this area.

As it is, he has not recovered ...

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Tuesday, 2/12
By host on 2/13/2008

Dad was moved today from a regular hospital room to a room in the Rehabilitation Center in the Mt. Pleasant building.  This was a major milestone in his recovery.  We don't know how long he will be in the rehab center.  It will depend on how quickly he progresses.

For those of you who wish to visit him, the rehab center has a different visitor policy.  Visiting hours are limited to 4:30PM to 8:00PM.  During the day, he will be kept quite busy with various forms of therapy.

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Monday, 2/11/08
By host on 2/11/2008

I did not get to the hospital today until mid-afternoon.  When I got there, Dad was sitting in a chair and had just finished a lunch of turkey and gravy - his first solid food in 5 days.  Slowly he is beginning to improve.

The surgeon stopped by for a quick visit.  She said that the drainage tube could be removed and she saw no reason that Dad could not be transferred to the rehab center.  That was certainly another good piece of news.

Dad still has a way to go, however, as he is still somewhat confused.  This is no doubt to the swelling around the brain and the medications he is on.  We are certainly looking forward to the day when we can tell him some of the humerous things he did while in this condition.  For instance, Dad received a phone call this afternoon.  After saying hello, Bob took the phone and ta ...

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Sunday, 2/10
By host on 2/10/2008

It's been a few days since my last entry.  To tell the truth, I've been just plain exhausted.  This ordeal is beginning to wear us all out.  Let me bring you up to date on Dad's condition.

What we thought would be only 1 day in ICU turned into 3 days.  Dad had some minor complications which warranted some extra time in ICU.  This morning he was finally moved back to a private room.  He is recovering slowly.  The doctors are keeping him on lots of pain medication and he is somewhat sedated.  And while he seems to understand everything you say to him most of his responses are smiles or nods.

Mom has been spending every day at the hospital and Bob, Amy and I are trying to split our days there so that someone is with mom at all times.  The boys saw their Pop-Pop today and I think hugs from A ...

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Thursday, 2/7 2:00PM
By host on 2/7/2008

Good news....

Dad made it through surgery.  It took a little longer than expected but the surgeons are pleased.  They were able to remove most of the tumor, save one small section that was attached to blood vessels.  Dad is alert and responsive and early signs are good.  Initial biopsy shows the tumor to be benign, as expected.

He will be moved to ICU for monitoring overnight and a CT Scan tomorrow.  Hopefully then he will be moved to a regular room for several days before going home.

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Thursday morning, 2/7
By host on 2/7/2008

Mom, Bobby, Amy and I were at the hospital bright and early this morning to wish Dad well on his surgery.  The procedure was scheduled to begin at 7:30AM and is expected to last 4-5 hours.  With that time frame, plus 2 hours in Post-Anesthesia Care, we won't get to see Dad until later this afternoon.  However, the docs said that they would try to update us during the procedure.  So, as I get updated I will pass the information along.

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Noon, Monday 2/4
By host on 2/4/2008

Nothing to report for the past few days.  No news has been good news.  Dad has been feeling well and resting comfortably.  This morning Dad had an angiogram to map out the arteries of the tumor.  This will help guide the docs during surgery.  The procedure went fine and Dad is resting comfortably.  Other than having to remain prone for a few hours, there are no ill effects from the procedure.

Dad had been overwhelmed by the expressions of good health and speedy recovery that have come in the form of calls, visits and cards. True to form, he sees this as a sign that the end is near.  That is far from the case.  Dad often forgets how much he is loved by a great many people.

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Wednesday Afternoon, 1/30
By host on 1/30/2008

Dad is having a good day.  He seems much more aware of what is going on and his energy level is back up.  He has moved out the ICU and is back on the Neurology floor.  For those who are interested, he is in room 3005 at Sinai Hospital.

The word from the neurologist and neurosurgeon is that they are hoping to schedule surgery for next week.  But first, they need to improve his platelets level.  They think that his low platelet count may be due to the anti-seizure medication he is on.  So, they are changing that medication and they need for the aspirin and heparin he was given to filter out of his body.

Its good to see Dad in better spirits.  And having the heart issues behind us is quite a relief.

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Tuesday Evening, 1/29
By host on 1/29/2008
This evening Dad had a catheterization beformed to check his cardiac arteries.  This is not the first time he has had this done but was still a source of concern.  Any problems discovered here would delay surgery on the tumor.  And at last, some good news.  The films showed no significant changes from prior tests and the heart looked fine, or at least as fine as his heart can look.  So, at this time there is no need for any major cardiac procedures and we are back on track to moving towards tumor removal.
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